What Comes After Sarasota Drug and Alcohol Detox

So you’ve completed detox and now you’re wondering what comes next. One of the most common reasons for relapse is a failure to secure ongoing treatment after detox. Many people believe that if they can just clear the drugs from their system, they will no longer have the desire to use. But addiction is more […]

Step Zero

“Out of the Darkness, There is Light.” What is Step Zero?  Step Zero is the realization and insight obtained through the painful process of addiction that the substance of use is causing interference and destruction in someone’s life.  This realization comes with the clarity that another way of life exists.  The unfortunate truth about addiction […]

Trauma as the Root Cause of Addiction

“Out of Suffering Have Emerged the Strongest Souls, The Most Massive Characters are Seared with Scars” -Kahil Gibran Trauma is one of the root causes of addiction. The suffering that occurs as a result of trauma leaves an individual in a place to seek out the one thing all human beings embark upon: to sooth […]

Emotional Recovery’s Importance in Addiction Treatment

“There is no ache more deadly than the striving to be oneself.” – Yevgenily Vinokurov Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? What is it that makes me who I am? How do I just be my real self? Do these questions sound familiar to you? As clinicians, these […]

COVID-19 & Its Impact on the Recovery Community

As treatment providers for substance abuse, we all know that social distancing goes against everything we have been trained with regard to treatment of addiction. We tell our clients from the beginning of their treatment to reach out to others, be honest, share their feelings, DO NOT BE ALONE TOO LONG, AND DO NOT ISOLATE. […]

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in the Time of COVID-19

Dear Friends, We hope that this communication finds you and your family safe and well during these extraordinary times. SAS has spent time thinking about the current world health crisis and the toll it is taking on our communities, families and individuals. We feel that at a time like this it is important to focus […]

Grief, Loss, and Addiction Treatment

One of the most difficult, stressful and emotionally painful things that an individual goes through in their lifetime is the loss of a loved one. Loss includes the death of a spouse, close family member, pet and friends.  There are many different types of losses which include the loss of a home, job, friendship, relationship, […]

Trauma Relates to Drug, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse

Trauma, which includes neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse, happens at extremely high rates.  Trauma is categorized as a major health problem across the world. Exposure to trauma at a young age increases an individual’s risk in adulthood to develop a psychiatric disorder.  Research has shown that adolescents who have been victims of […]

Alcohol Abuse Symptoms and Outpatient Treatment in Sarasota

Treatment for Alcoholism   Sarasota Addiction Specialists specialize in the treatment and recovery of Alcoholism.  Alcoholism is still the leading cause of most substance use disorders today. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 19.7 million American Adults were suffering from a substance use disorder.  Of that 19.7 million over 74 percent […]

The Fundamentals of Outpatient Treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism

The Fundamentals of Outpatient Treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism By Dr. Kimberly s. Benson LMHC,CAC,ICADC,CCTP Licensed Mental Health Counselor Certified Addictions Professional International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor Certified Clinical Trauma Professional   The latest DSM V describes alcohol, drugs and other substance use as Substance Use Disorder AKA also known as SUD.   The […]