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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in the Time of COVID-19


Dear Friends,

We hope that this communication finds you and your family safe and well during these extraordinary times. SAS has spent time thinking about the current world health crisis and the toll it is taking on our communities, families and individuals. We feel that at a time like this it is important to focus on being resilient together. But the question is…..what does it mean to embody resilience during a time like this? How do we continue to face the unknowns, conflict and adversity with the same hope and confidence as we once did? I will tell you how……WE embrace the very core of why we turned to the field of substance abuse and mental health. Those very things are the desire to Serve, to Strive and Not to Yield but to PERSEVERE and embody RESILIENCE. Our 12 step programs have been a great teacher during times like this as well as participation in team sports. They have taught us that now is the time that we no longer stand singularly and rather stand together as WE. This is a reminder that there is so much within us that is unknown and that working and standing together we can overcome these current challenges and come out stronger and healthier.

Today we must draw upon the work we have done within ourselves and the work we have done together as substance abuse and mental health providers to make an impact on how we face today and the future trusting and knowing that we are resilient together and WILL PERSEVERE. By digging deeper into ourselves, into teamwork, service to others, connection, hope, trust, faith, compassion and empathy we will face adversity and triumph with unforgettable lessons that will shape the fabric of who we are and making us stronger together.

SAS would like to ask you to join us on the journey of embodying RESILIENCE TOGETHER!

SAS has been able to practice resilience as a team. We have brain stormed and created innovative ways to continue to serve our clients and provide the treatment and care they need without interruption during these stressful times.

We thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to working together with YOU!


Dr. Kimberly S. Benson LMHC, CAP