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715 N Washington Blvd Suite E, Sarasota, FL 34236

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Jennifer Burke


Ms. Burke is an engaging Sarasota therapist with a genuine interest in people. As a mental health counselor, she thrives on learning what is meaningful to her clients and encouraging them to lead genuine, authentic and fulfilling lives. It is her goal to discover what is most important to her clients. To learn their goals, their values, and what fuels their resilience to tolerate and navigate change, confront uncomfortable feelings, navigate difficult conversations, and set healthy boundaries with clarity, confidence and kindness.

Person-centered therapy and motivational interviewing are cornerstones to integrating a process that brings individuals to the gift of their lives, where discovery, enlightenment, growth and balance can be achieved.

She can be contacted directly at (203) 216-8607, or by reaching our through our contact form. Email to reach her or another Sarasota therapist.

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