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Alcohol Abuse Symptoms and Outpatient Treatment in Sarasota


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Treatment for Alcoholism


Sarasota Addiction Specialists specialize in the treatment and recovery of Alcoholism.  Alcoholism is still the leading cause of most substance use disorders today. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 19.7 million American Adults were suffering from a substance use disorder.  Of that 19.7 million over 74 percent of adults were suffering from alcoholism.  


How do you identify if you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism?  First you must understand what the term alcoholism — clinically known as Alcohol Use Disorder — means.  Alcoholism is a chronic disease in which an individual displays the inability to control their drinking. There is a prominent preoccupation, obsession and compulsion around the use of alcohol.  Often, an alcoholics reaction to the consumption of alcohol can be seen as predictably unpredictable. Alcoholism exists in the impoverished, middle, and upper classes — it does not discriminate.  The number one pitfall in diagnosis is the “idea” of an old stereotype of what an alcoholic is. Today an alcoholic can be anyone from a homeless individual drinking daily on the street, to the wealthiest CEO over-drinking during long lunches, to a someone retired drinking through quality time with grandchildren. Alcoholism is all about what is occurring in the mind and then the impact consumption has on the individual, both mentally and physically.


The biggest barrier in seeking treatment for alcoholism is what is at the root of the disease: denial. Denial must be broken in order for recovery to take hold.  Denial does not have to be completely broken in order to begin the treatment process. Fear of how to cope is what can keep someone locked in the vicious cycle of alcoholism.  


Some symptoms of Alcoholism include blackouts, cravings, shakiness, sweating, legal problems, aggression, compulsive behavior, obsession, lack of restraint, self-destructive behavior, agitation, depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, loneliness, suicidal ideation, carelessness, drinking and driving, isolation, drinking throughout the day, binge drinking, delirium, fear, psychosis, financial issues, family problems, work related issues and relationship problems.


Sarasota Addiction Specialists offer private care to men, women and families suffering from alcoholism.  You can end the battle and find freedom from alcoholism. Sarasota Addiction Specialists offers a highly regarded Intensive Outpatient Program, or we can assist you in putting together a tailored treatment plan that is right for you and allows you to maintain your current lifestyle.  Our goal is to help you break the chains of alcoholism and attain psychological freedom and pave a pathway to healthier you.


Dr. Kimberly S. Benson LMHC