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Adolescent Treatment

Sarasota Addiction Specialists offers treatment for adolescents ages 12-17 that are struggling with substance abuse & addiction. We offer:
  • – Individual therapy
  • – Recovery coaching
  • – Addiction counseling
  • – Expressive arts therapy
  • – Out-patient group therapy
  • – Intensive out-patient group therapy.
Our staff will provide a tailored treatment plan that will compliment the challenging schedules in a families life so that treatment can be obtained. If your child has had legal problems, issues at school, problems with friends and family as a result of drug and alcohol use you may feel frustrated, lost, hopeless, angry, and lonely. Treatment for substance abuse and addiction is a family process. Sarasota Addiction Specialists have trained and credentialed staff with over 60 years of addiction treatment experience. It is never too late to ask for help. There is hope for your child and your family.